The Hookup Guide BBW Dating: 6 Reasons Why Men Should Date a Plus Sized Woman
BBW Dating

6 Reasons Why Men Should Date a Plus Sized Woman

Lots of people are fascinated by the idea of dating or hooking up with a plus sized woman. Some simply like their sexy full figured, curvy bodies while others are interested in the Feeder and Feedee aspect. Everyone has their own preferences and desires and as BBW becomes more of a mainstream niche, people are turning towards favoring bigger women. If you're convinced yet, here are six reasons you should date or hookup with a BBW:

They're Humble and Caring

Plus sized women are known to be very humble and caring. Most of them have faced a lot of insults and criticism throughout their lives regarding their size and through that have learned to become humble. They've learned to accept who they are and you won't hear them asking if they look fat in this dress.

They're Proud and Confident

BBWs are proud of how they look. BBWs are unique in that they don't look like every single girl you see - they're not just some skinny blonde girl. They know this and they know you want them and have a lot of success with guys like you. They don't need societies acceptance because they get all they need from guys drooling over them.

They're Less self involved

Even though they may be proud and confident, they aren't as vain or self absorbed as most girls. Skinny girls who know they are attractive often wear it on their sleeves and often just wants to talk about themselves. A BBW will be more open to talking and listening about you and be more caring.

They know how to carry themselves

BBWs know how to dress and present themselves for any given situation. While skinny girls tend to dress the same and very casual, BBWs have to try harder to find dresses and outfits that fit them, and their special curvy shape, perfectly. They can't just grab anything off the rack so they are much more creative dressers.

They're more open

Have you ever been out with a girl and had her say no to eating something or somewhere because she's trying to watch her figure? With BBWs there is no worries about that. They're more open to different foods and, more open to fun in the bedroom as well.

They are comforting

Laying in bed with a plump woman will remind you of your old teddy bear as a kid only you're going to find her big frame much sexier as an adult. She will have plenty to love and will love having you pull on her handles in the bedroom.

The above six reasons should prove to you why dating BBWs is amazing and well worth your time. If you're thinking you want to hook up with a BBW, now's the time to try and there are lots of free BBW hookup sites for you to get started on.

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