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Types of Women on Hookup Dating Sites

When using Hookup dating sites, chances are that you're going to talk to a lot of women. They're going to be in different ranges of age, ethnicity, size and desire, but ultimately, most women can be grouped into three different types.

The Business Woman

The Business Woman is often career driven, be it her high paying and fast paced job or her role as a mother - and sometimes both. Their excuse for being single is their career and being too busy to have a serious relationship. She goes on hookup dating sites because she wants sex, but feels like she doesn't want to meet a man unless it's guaranteed to avoid wasting time.

You will be able to pick out her profile because she will likely admit to not wanting to waste time and when talking to her she will try to cut out the small talk. She'll want to meet for drinks after work and wants you to have a place ready to fuck after. If she likes you, this is the type of woman that will definitely come back to fuck again because she won't want to start over with someone else.

If you are okay with being a piece of meat for the Business Woman to fuck, then this is the woman for you.

The Party Girl

Party Girls are the type of women who want a friend with benefits and a partner in crime for their party lifestyle. They typically meet their flings at bars, but often use hookup dating sites to have a hookup ready when they go out. Her profile will have pictures of her wearing seductive clothing and club attire as well as pictures drinking out with her girl friends.

These women are in it for a good time, but want more than just a hookup. They want a fun night of drinking and debauchery. She's going to be a handful, but at the end of the night, you'll have your hands full - if you know what I mean.

The Serious Ones

The Serious Ones are the type of women who use Tinder for romantic relationships. They may not understand the concept of the hookup dating site and think that there will be men looking for relationships as well. Their profiles will be much more reserved and you will quickly get ghosted if you message anything remotely dirty or provocative to her.

She ultimately does want sex, but you're going to have to work harder for it by going on multiple dates first and not just meeting for drinks. This may sound bad, but depending on the woman, she may be worth the wait.

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