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Best Places to Have an Affair

When you're in a committed relationship but want to get a little extra on the side, you need to find somewhere to have your affair. You can't have it in your own house because it would be too easy for your spouse to discover. So where is the best place to fuck your side piece? These are our favorite places to have affairs.

Hotel Room

Having an affair in a hotel or motel is a little cliche, but it works. The biggest con of renting a room is the costs. It can definitely get costly depending on how many times you want to meet your affair and how nice of a room you want to rent. Some cheaper motels offer rooms by the hour but these can be hard to find. Just remind your girl that you're not going to spend the night there and all you really need is a bed. However, having a shower is definitely a plus as well so that you can clean off the smell of your fun.

At Their House

Hooking up at her house is dependent on her relationship status. If she's in a relationship as well, it can be just as risky as meeting at your house. But if she's single or doesn't live with your spouse, then this can be the ideal place to fuck. If she has roommates, make sure that they don't know you and especially don't know your wife.

In Your Office

If you have your own private office or have access to your work's office after hours, then this is another good option. Make sure you know when your last coworker generally leaves and when the janitors are there so you can time it so that you're both there when the office is completely empty.

At a Friend or Family Member’s House

If you have a friend or family member who is currently out of town, this makes for an ideal fuck pad. Chances are that it will only be a temporary option, but if you're currently renting hotel rooms, then it can be a great alternative to change things up and save some money.

If You’re desperate… In Your Car

Don’t get me wrong, having passionate sex in a car can be very sexy, but it's not the most comfortable place to have sex, especially not on a regular basis. Just make sure you park the car somewhere private where no one will find you and make sure to have a good excuse as to why you're so sweaty when you get home. Go to the gym afterwards to work out or at least shower.

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