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Plan Your First Date To Have Sex

Hookup dating sites are a great way to find women to fuck, but not every first date is guaranteed to lead to sex. Some women like to play hard to get and some have their own rules to not fuck on the first day. To get around this and make sure you seal the deal on your first encounter, you will want to do some planning to make sure your night won't end in disappointment.

Once you have found someone to meet on a Hookup dating site it's time to plan. Start with picking a time. Weekends are often the most available times for people to propose a time on Friday or Saturday for 8pm or later. Don't start off by asking her when she is free, be decisive and pick a day and time. The later the better because you can avoid dinner and go straight to drinks. If she suggests a different time or day, do your best to make that time work so that planning the date doesn't become a hassle for her.

While offering to pick up a woman used to be considered chivalrous, these days it can be seen as creepy, especially on the first date. Pick a bar you're comfortable with, ideally one that is in walking range from one of your houses, and ask her to meet you there. Get there early so there's no chance she will be waiting for you. Start a tab early and have a drink in hand to ease your nerves and look comfortable for when she arrives. If it's a crowded bar, consider giving the bar tender a large tip so that they are quick to return when you need another round.

When you're talking to her, try to pickup on her personality. If she seems competitive or adventurous, consider challenging her to a bar game (pool, darts, etc) and make sure to tease her while playing. If she's a smoker, offer to move outside so that she can smoke when she pleases and doesn't have a desire to leave to have a cigarette. If she's not feeling the atmosphere, offer to walk to another bar.

Whatever the case, make sure you pay great attention to her words as well as her body language so that you can help her feel comfortable and having a good time. If you pick up on something, take charge and she will love your confidence. Doing all this will make the date seem nature and easy and help create a strong bond and attraction. Keep the mood light and keep the conversation flowing and she will be yours by the end of the night.

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