The Hookup Guide Hookup Tips: Fuck Women Out of Your League
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Fuck Women Out of Your League

You see them all the time: at the store, at the gym, at work. The women so stunning and sexy that they have to be out of your league. But they don't have to be. Physical attraction isn't the only thing that attracts women and often these women are sick of being hit on by the same type of guys with the same, tired pickup lines. Stand out and be different and you could fuck any woman.

Be Confident

The first rule I always tell people looking to use hookup dating sites is to be confident. Meeting hot local women to fuck takes confidence. These women want someone to take charge and get to the point. Same thing goes no matter how attractive or out of your league the woman is - they want confidence.

Let's face it, most attractive women can have their pick of any guy they want and they don't want to settle for less. You're not going to get a second of attention if you don't come across as completely confident, strong, and outgoing and can prove to her that you can hold your own in talking to her. Get her attention by being calm, walking up to her and making eye contact while starting an organic conversation.

Eye contact is key in that it lets her know that you're focused on her and not nervous or intimidated. It also helps put people at ease and trust them better so make sure you establish this when talking to women.

Treat Her as an Equal

Beautiful women are used to not being taken seriously because people expect them to be ditsy and dumb. Doing so to any women is going to drastically hurt your chances of fucking them. Treat her with respect, like an equal, and you'll gain her admiration and she will feel more appreciated and comfortable around you. This goes hand in hand with being genuine - don't try to be someone you're not or brag about yourself too much. Be your self and play it cool. Don't try to be someone or something you're not.

Look Good

You know the expression, dress for the job you want? Let's change that to dress for the woman you want. You're not going to nail a 10 dressing in sweatpants and an old shirt. When you go out, dress for success and your chances of hooking up dramatically grow. Don't overdo it though and know your environment. Don't dress up in a three-piece suit to go to a dive bar.

Don't be too Eager

Chances are that you're going to have to work harder for these women. Don't expect to fuck them after one drink and sometimes even one date. Play it cool and let them set the pace. You can do this by paying attention to their overall vibes and playfulness. Push too hard and you can ruin your chances quickly. Be patient when scheduling dates and don't try to pressure her into seeing you again.

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