The Hookup Guide BBW Dating: How BBWs Can Attract the Right Man
BBW Dating

How BBWs Can Attract the Right Man

Are you a BBW who hasn't been able to find the right guy online yet? If so, don't give up just yet. You aren't the problem, it's your profile that's likely at fault. As a BBW, building the perfect online profile is key to attract your ideal match. Follow our advice for setting up the perfect profile for BBW dating sites and you'll have no problem getting any man you want.

Good Pictures

Good pictures are a priority. Being bigger or plus sized don't equal ugly and there are are a lot of men who love the curvy body of a BBW so flaunt it. Not everyone is going to find you attractive (which is true of everyone and every body type) so make yourself look the best for the people who you will appeal to. So don't try using special angles or photoshop to make yourself look skinnier or different. So off who you are and be proud of it.

Keep it Short

Men don't want to read a novel when they're on your dating profile so keep it brief. Plus, keeping it short gives more topics to talk about when you meet in person. Write enough to get them interested and to the point in which they will have to message you to get some more information about you.

Write to your audience

While it is important to be and sound like yourself on your profile, it is also important to fill out your profile with men in mind. Don't mention interest that they can't relate to or that they wouldn't be interested in. A profile should be design to attract a man.

Avoid the past

Avoid writing about anything negative or about your past relationships. You're on the site looking for a new relationship, don't harp about your failed past ones. Be present with your profile and your mind set and talk about what you want in your future.

Keep it current

Don't be one of those people who keeps using the same pictures for years. Keep your pictures and information current. You don't want guys surprised when they meet you so it's always best to use recent pictures.

Use BBW Dating Sites

If you want the most success from online dating, it would be best to try BBW dating sites. On these sites guys are looking for women exactly your type unlike general/mainstream dating sites. BBW dating sites are full of men wanting big curvy women and you'll be able to connect with a great guy who will admire you for who you are.

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