Easy Sex Features

  • Join and sign up for free. No credit card needed to search and see all the local sluts on the site.
  • Profiles can be personalized - you can add as much or as little info as you like, pretty much whatever content you like, and upload photos and videos, AND Easy Sex allows explicit nude pictures, which can be really helpful in setting you apart from everyone else. To get maximum exposure on the site, the more pictures you add, the more exposure you get on the site and more messages.
  • Send (and reply to) private mail and instant messaging and sex chat requests.
  • Browse or search members based on multiple, specific/general search parameters (like ethnicity and hair color or kinks and type of hookup they're interested in, etc.).
  • Homepage gets you quick access to view new members, local matches, hottest members, and members currently on webcam, who viewed your profile, and your list of fave members.
  • Easy Sex Message Boards are really engaging and you can exchange ideas for naughty dating, sex tips, ideas on discretions, etc.
  • Live Chat Rooms and Webcam Chat gets is pretty hot. It can get pretty explicit, and that's of course the fun of it.
  • You can also get access to adult videos that are pay-site quality. Its one of the perks of the site.

Easy Sex Pricing

Easy Sex offers tiered services. You get access to basic features like messaging and search for your free membership at sign up. If you want more access (and believe me, you will), you can sign up for a Basic Membership, which will cost you a few bucks. To get full access to EasySex.com and for maximum exposure and access, you'll want to purchase a Pro Membership, which costs a bit more than Basic but is worth every penny. With Pro Membership you get access to all the features and lets be honest, this is a numbers game. Everyone on this site is looking to hookup for sex, and the more exposure you have on the site, you get to take your pick of the hottest girls on the site. Trust me when I say this Pro Membership is worth it!

If you are serious about meeting a fucking multiple women each month, you might want to consider the extended services signup. If you sign up for a full year for any membership you pay WAY LESS per month than you would if you opt for month-to-month membership. So MAX you'll be spending $34.95 per month for Pro Membership if you do it the less economical way. Best rate is $12.95 per month for a year of Pro Membership. Basic Membership is around $4/5 cheaper at each rate, but not really worth the savings.

Pros of Easy Sex

To go with the obvious, its really easy to get laid with this site. There are millions of members, so even if you live in a pretty remote town, you can find someone to fuck. This is also a huge advantage and is one of the reasons its so easy to find a fuck buddy or multiple fuck buddies on here. It's also one of the reasons you are guaranteed to get laid more. There's easily twice as many horny women looking for sex on this site than any other site. That means you have to send half as many sex requests in order to fuck a girl because the ratio is just way better.

The women on here are really attractive and frankly normal looking. Easy Sex is one of the bigger and better known hookup sites that advertise to women, so you'll notice that there are a lot of really sexy woman on this site. Its something you don't always consider at first. But yeah, on adult dating and sex hookup sites you'll generally get a wide spectrum of people looking for a sex buddy. The trick is to find the sites that ban spammers and fakes ASAP, and that's one thing that Easy Sex is really good at. Because of that, there are probably the highest concentration of genuinely sexy good looking women on this site. Of course you always want to make sure you video or sex chat before getting yourself in a trap with an ugly girl who takes sexy selfies and then you find out she looks nothing like her photos.

Find what you want faster with options for "looking for". Do you want to find a one night stand or a booty call? Do you want a regular fuck buddy or do you want to have a discreet affair? Because there are millions of active users, you can really narrow it down and be selective in what you are looking for. If someone is looking for a regular fuck buddy but you only have time for a simple booty call tonight, don't waste her time or yours and move on to the next horny girl in your town who wants what you do.

The site itself has a great layout. Its easy to use and you don't have to waste time figuring out where your messages are or decipher random alerts that pop up and then disappear. EasySex.com is super clean and simple to navigate, which makes it all the more fun to browse all the member galleries.

Cons of Easy Sex

One of the biggest cons for this site is that its so big that it can get hard to remember which of your conversations are getting closest to fucking tonight. This site could really be improved if they added some level of organization to their messaging center. But unfortunately, all messages are either "read" or "unread" and its up to you to remember all the details and stay on top of your conversations.

Also, there is no safe for work version of the site. So if you are trying to chat with a girl who wants to fuck after work, you are kind of shit out of luck because there is a lot of nudity on the site. Fortunately, there generally is not too much need for back and forth and you can usually schedule a fuck date within a few messages to reduce the need to check on the site continually throughout the day.

Easy Sex