Affair Alert Features

Being a married dating site, AffairAlert has some things to offer that you can't get on more general hookup dating sites. Most obviously - a member base that is exclusively looking to have an affair. Do you have to be married or looking to have an affair to be on the site? The answer to this is yes and no. The vast majority of members on the site are either married or in a long term relationship that they are looking to cheat on. Because of this, discretion is an absolute must and messy drama is out of the question. Fears of dram from married members is usually what limits non-cheating members from getting as much action. However, if you are explicit in your profile about being discreet and ONLY looking for casual sex, then you will have success on this site.

Affair Alert has an impressive feature for sexy member pics and videos. Because the site allows a wide array of photo privacy options, members can feel comfortable loading their private nude photos and only sharing them with people they are interested in. Just be careful not to ask for access to the private photos too early because that has been listed as one of the top turnoffs of women on the site initially. Many members are careful about who they share their private gallery with because discretion is a priority. The good news is when you get access to these private galleries, they are jaw dropping and its usually a good sign that you are about to take the affair to the next level.

Your odds of taking an online exchange to a full blown affair is high with their advanced algorithmic matchmaking also. While AffairAlert does offer all of the search features of a general hookup dating site, it goes a step above when it comes to matchmaking and utilizes factors like distance, marital status, sexual preferences, appearance preferences, and more to match you with the best mistress and/or fuck buddy, depending on what you're looking for. This can be a valuable free service because it saves a lot of time sorting through and reading profiles. If you reach out to your matches you'll find that you are hooking up more often and messaging less often, which is the point.

And when you do hookup for sex, you can share about it on member blogging. This feature is also very helpful on getting tips and advice from other members who are having an affair or multiple affairs. For such a large sex site for cheating, it really does have a great community feel in addition to the benefits of one-on-one connections.

Affair Alert Review

Pros of Affair Alert

Probably the biggest plus on Affair Alert is the attitude of the women. These aren't single girls that can't get laid. They are attached women that need to be discreet about who they fuck so their husbands or boyfriends don't find out. Because of this, you're getting an insane caliber of women who generally takes care of herself and is highly desirable, but because she is married does not get approached as often.

Another advantage is that the women are more flexible in WHERE you fuck. Because they understand the need to be discreet, they are more comfortable meeting in a hotel room and/or fucking in less typical places. This is great if you are looking for more of an adventure... and that's exactly what you're gong to get when you're fucking a married woman!

Cons of Affair Alert

Of course you can't have all the benefits of out of this world women without the drawbacks. Things definitely move a lot slower on this site. The women are more careful and don't tend to fuck on the first day contact is made. You definitely have to take some time to build trust before the affair starts. But this isn't exactly a drawback because once you get into an affair on this site, it does tend to be a longer lasting arrangement and a more permanent fuck buddy.

Affair Alert Site Tips

Again, because the women are a bit more discerning you're going to want to make yourself stand out as a trustworthy, real, genuine person ASAP. Having a photo on your profile as well as a private gallery can build intimacy more quickly. You also want to take the time to give a good visual on your profile of what an affair with you would be like. List some things that you would like to do with your mistress and it will help spark a conversation. The women on here already have an idea of what their ideal affair is going look like... maybe they want to have sex in their bed when their husband is away on business, but maybe they want to go on weekend affair trips or travel. Making sure you also communicate what you are looking for will make sure that you are connecting with the right women.

Affair Alert Site Take Away

Affair dating and married dating is an entirely different ballgame but in the end its absolutely worth it. This is less of a quick fuck and more of a buildup, but the women are 100% worth it. Signup for the free membership and see if any women even spark your interest. You're probably gonna know pretty fast whether these women are worth the effort or not. If you follow the tips and play into her fantasy, you're going to get laid easily.