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7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Hookup

There's one simple truth in the world: everyone wants to get laid. Then why is it so hard to hookup sometimes? Well, perhaps you're making one of the following 7 mistakes that can easily lower your chances.

Keeping your guard up

There's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to get laid. Everyone has the same sexual desires and needs. That's why you need to go out with your guard lowered a bit so that you can relax and open up to guys advances and not play too hard to get. For men, you have to make sure not to get too relaxed or else she may get too comfortable with you and see you as a friend.


Confidence is what will seal every deal when it comes to hooking up. If you come off as awkward or they can tell they catch you in a lie, that will immediately kill your chances of hooking up. The best thing is to be honest so that you can keep your story straight and come off as knowledgeable and confident.

Don't eat garlic before

This may sound silly, but bad breath is an extreme turn off to most people, especially women. Garlic isn't the only food that you should be mindful of, watch out for onions or other foods that cause your breath become offensive. Consider bringing mints or gum with you to keep your breath fresh.

Be on the same page about Condoms

Everyone has a different stance when it comes to condoms. Make sure you are both on the same page or else the night could quickly end with frustration and blue balls. Also, you should always be mindful of safe sex!

Talking too much

Shut up! Seriously, if you keep talking how are you going to get to the real business? Plus, the more you talk and connect, the more friendly the relationship becomes. Know when to stop with the small talk and when to shut up and start kissing.

Rushing into it

Settle down and don't come off as overeager. Much like the previous topic, you need to know when the mood is right to make your moves. Timing can be everything!

Don't force!

This can not only ruin an evening, but it can land you in hot water. Don't force anyone to do what you want simply because you're horny and can't resist anymore. Showing control and patience will help you get laid in the long run.

There's a theme with all of these right? Be confident, be prepared, and be patient. These are three keys to keep in mind when you're trying to seal the deal on your next hookup. Avoid these 7 mistakes and you'll be one step closer to finding that perfect someone to take home for the night.

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