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Common Lies Women Tell on Hookup Sites

Let's face it, everyone lies, especially online and on dating sites. When there are so many people on dating sites, sometimes you need to fudge the truth a little bit to stand out a little more amongst the crowd. Some people edit their profile pictures, some lie about their age or size and some do all of the above. Because it's so common, we've put together a list of the most common lies women use in their profiles.

Relationship Status

Many women will say they are single on hookup sites because they don't want to make men feel uneasy and put them off. The truth is that on hookup sites it is very common for women to be going through a divorce or even looking to have an affair. Some women's relationships are so bad that they actually see themselves as single. If she never wants to meet at her house or talk about her love life, she's likely avoiding the fact that she's married.

Casual is Fine

Hookup dating sites are meant to be for people to find casual, no-strings attached sex which is what men love about these sites. But men and women have always seen sex in different ways. Men are simply looking to get laid while women are generally more interested in creating and having a relationship of sorts.


Many women choose online dating because they are simply too busy to go out to meet new people. Because of this you are going to find a lot of women who list very impressive careers or job fields on their profiles. While many profiles may be telling the truth, others may be lying to keep up with the truthful profiles. Good thing that a woman's job doesn't really matter when hooking up - unless you have a fantasy about hooking up with a certain type of woman.


Almost everyone over 30 on a hookup site is going to lie about their age a little bit. Just assume that someone's age is an approximation when on dating sites.

Use of the Site

Most women are going to be pretty reluctant to tell the truth when it comes to telling you how long or how much they have been using a hookup website. Some sites may say how long a user has been a member of a particular site, but other sites may allow users to block that from showing up. If you ask them they will likely tell you "not long" or avoid the question. It's best to just ignore their past and just focus on their future in bed with you.

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