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Turn Any Woman Into Your Fuck Buddy

If you're looking to turn a girl into a fuck buddy then it's important to start the ground work early. It's easy for girls to friend zone guys quickly if they don't feel a shared interest or strictly get friend vibes from the guy. Follow these tips to avoid the friend zone and find the bedroom.

Find them on Hookup Dating Sites

The easiest way to know if a girl is looking for someone to fuck is if they're on Hookup dating sites. Any woman on a hookup site is looking for a fuck buddy and that makes them much easier to approach about the subject whether it's someone you met on the site or know in person. This is your best bet for finding fuck buddies.

Tease them

If you're too friendly or easy going then your going to end up in the friend zone before you can get her number and your chances at making her a fuck buddy will be nearly zero. Tease them by flirting with them one minute then acting like they're just one of the guys the next. Tease the idea of you two giving up dating and hooking up with one another then laugh it off. This will help get the idea in her head of you two getting together later.

Don't be too eager

The casual rule for dating is to wait a couple of days after first meeting to call or text someone. When you're looking to make a girl your fuck buddy, even two days is too soon. You want them to play it cool and let them know that they need to make the first move otherwise you are just going to hit them up when you're horny.

Avoid nice gestures

It's important to stay away from friendly or romantic gestures that might give them the wrong opinion of your relationship. Avoid going out to dinner and try to stick to going to drinks at bars or clubs - places where hooking up is a casual occurrence. It's okay to meet up with her when she's out with her girl friends, but avoid situations when she's out with couples. If she meets any of your friends, make sure they know your intentions with her so they don't try to cock block.

Keep her active and interested

A good way to keep a girl interested in you is to keep her active in her hobbies and interests. If she's into hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, or anything else outside, offer to do these activities with her. They will keep you close to her, won't have a romantic vibe and they are good opportunities to impress her.

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