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4 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman

Just like regular dating, saying the wrong thing to a woman when trying to hookup can end things quickly! In my experience, I've found 4 common things men say that I'm sick of hearing and instantly make me dry up. Are you making these same mistakes?

Have you met a lot of other guys online?

Yup, I'm a whore. Come on, don't ask me this, let's live in the moment and concentrate on us and not my past hookups. And do you really want to know the answer to this anyways? I've seen guy's eyes bulge with intimidation the second I've answered the question and it can easily spoil the night. You don't want to know and I don't want to hear this question so guys, stop asking it!

My ex used to love...

I. Don't. Care. Do not talk to me about your ex. I'm supposed to be your #1 focus right now, not some other woman. I especially don't want to be compared to an ex and I don't want to think about them either. Nothing is creepier than thinking that a guy is trying to recreate a past relationship. Our conversations and hookups should be with a clean slate. The world should revolve around us, what we want to do to each other and nothing or no one else.

So what do you want to do tonight? I'm game for whatever

Well I certainly don't want to do you anymore. Be in charge. Be assertive. Have a plan and be a man of action, not some lazy boy trying to get me to do all the work. At least make a suggestion or two, but never just the woman what she wants to do.

You're way hotter than the other girls on here

Yeah, have you been looking at all the other girls on this site? So, really, did you just settle for me or are you just telling every girl that? While you might think that this is a complement, it makes you sound like you've spent a lot of time on the site and come off a little desperate. Or maybe it makes us think that you've been contacting a lot of women and are just a man whore looking for more action. There's just no reason to say this as it may cause so many negative thoughts to flow through our heads! If you want to complement us, come up with something unique to us and not some tired, old cliche.

In summary, keep it simple, guys! Don't bring up the past (mine or yours), have a plan of action, and be thoughtful with your complements. It's not rocket science. Avoid saying these 4 things to women and your chances of getting laid will be higher than ever!

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