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How to End an Affair Without Angering Your Partner

There are many reasons why you may have to break off a relationship with your booty call like the all too common case when they start to become too clingy. Or maybe they've become too boring or they aren't available as much as you'd like and want to move on to the next girl. But when you're married man having an affair, getting rid of these girls needs to be done with care to avoid getting caught by your wife.

No matter the reason you have for wanting to discontinue your affair, getting rid of your side piece isn't that simple and has a lot of risks involved. You can't simply ghost them or call/text them and tell them it's over because if she takes it personally or doesn't accept it, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Don't treat her like an employee that you're firing

Have you ever heard of a pleasant firing? No, because most firings are bitter and angry occasions. When you fire an employee you're telling them that they're not good enough or simply suck at their job and that you don't value them. Saying anything remotely like this to your fling will be disastrous because it will NOT be well received. If you make your booty call angry then the likeliness of her telling your wife rises greatly.

Be gentle

Call her up to meet for drinks and never break things off over the phone (be a man). Buttering her up with a drink will put her in a good mood and relax her. Don't wait until after too many drinks though (especially if she's an angry drunk). Once she's loose, nicely tell her what's going on. Be honest and nice. If being honest would be mean (like if she is a bad fuck) then just tell her that you want to go back to your wife and focus on your family life. But be very sincere regardless of what you tell her.

Continue to be nice

No matter how long after you have ended things, if you run into her in public or have some kind of interaction, don't become a jerk. As long as you're still married, this woman will be a risk so you need to continue to be kind to her to avoid future issues.

Be discreet

While you may want to brag about your conquest with your sexy side piece, always remain discreet about it, even after you've broken it off. Resist the urges to tell friends or anyone else about it even when she's out of the picture because you're just adding more and more risk to the situation.

There will always be risks involved with breaking things off with an affair partner, but if you are a gentleman and treat her with respect, things can go smoothly and you can avoid creating trouble at home.

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