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5 Affair Excuses that Work Every Time

The toughest challenge you're going to face is to come up with excuses for where you are when you're off having sex with another woman. If you have been your wife for a long time then chances are that she knows your routine well and it may be hard to break away without her becoming suspicious. We've compiled five excuses to get you out of the house that with gain minimal suspicion from your partner.

I'm going out to run some errands - Never tell her that you're just going out for a drive to clear your hear. That will cause immediate suspicion. Think of some errands you need to run, maybe go shopping for some new clothes or tools for a home improvement project. Of course you need to make sure to pick those items up before returning home.

I'm going to be working late tonight - This is the most common excuse people having an affair use because it is generally the easiest to use. If you rarely work overtime then you'll need to come up with a viable reason for why you're starting to stay late more often.

I'm going to have a me day - I'm going to go to the gym, go shopping, grab a nice lunch. Just have some me time. Not an excuse you can use very often, but it will work from time to time.

I'm going to get a round of golf in today - My friends can't make it, but I'd still like to get some practice in. Don't play golf? Use a sport you do play.

I'm going out for drinks with coworkers - If your wife doesn't know your coworkers at all then this is a great alternative to working late because it's another thing that's work related that she can't disprove.

These excuses work well because there is little way for her to check up on you. She's not going to contact your boss or coworkers (unless she knows them personally) and if you don't give her a specific location that you're visiting or running errands at then she can't try to surprise you there (the more vague you are the better). Occasionally you should make sure to actually do these things so that if she does check on you, she finds you right where you're supposed to be. Just make sure to answer her if she calls or texts so she doesn't ask you why you took a long time to get back to her.

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