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Top 4 Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Having an Affair

The biggest fear of any man thinking about having an affair is getting caught. There are many risks involved and so many mistakes that could be made to make it easy for your wife to catch you. We've compile a list of the four most common mistakes men make when having an affair. Read it, learn it, and avoid them.

Using a bank card to fund the affair

No matter the affair, there will always be costs included such as the costs for a hotel room, condoms, dinners, and monthly memberships to hookup dating sites. A careless man will use his bank card. Why is this careless? Because his wife can (and will) see the random expenses on your account statements and you will be caught.

You have two options here. The first is to only use cash to pay for every expense related to your affair. The second is to use a prepaid debit card or a visa gift card loaded with enough money for what you may need. The fees and risks are very minimal as your wife will never be able to trace it. Don't load too much on the card or withdrawal too much cash however because that can look curious on your bank statements as well.

Acting suspicious

Acting normal and keeping your stories straight is the best way to keep her off your trail. If you tell your wife that you're getting drinks after work with your boss but then tell her something else when you get home then she's going to be suspicious. If you don't have alcohol on your breath when you get home she'll be suspicious also. Be consistent and don't say anything that you can't back up.

Hooking up with a single woman

Having an affair with a single woman rather than a married woman have very different risks involved. When you're hooking up with a married woman you both have the same risks of getting caught by your significant others and must both play it safe. When you're hooking up with a single woman then she doesn't have anything to lose and will have a much higher chance of getting attached to you and getting you in trouble. If she gets attached then you could be in a lot of trouble.

Dating unattractive women

If you hookup with an unattractive woman then you run a similar risk as you do with single women. If you're going down in numbers then she may find you much more attractive than her husband and get very attached. Also, if you're going to have an affair then why not bang a hottie? You'll be able to mentally justify fucking a sexy woman than an ugly one. Stick to hotties and you'll have the best sex possible.

Remember, if you think your wife may be suspecting something, tell your booty call you can't meet up for a while. Your wife will be paying extra close attention, so just take a break. Be smart and be consistent. Avoid these simple mistakes and you'll be that much closer to fucking a sex new woman without your wife knowing.

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