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How to Stay Safe on Hookup Dating Sites

Hookup dating sites can be great ways to find quick sex hookups but with the good comes the bad. There are risks that exist with hookup sites so it is vital that you keep yourself safe when using these sites because you never know who you're talking to. However, don't let that keep you away from finding quick and easy sex online, instead, use these simple tips to stay safe.

The most important thing to remember when on a hookup dating site is that you should keep the personal information you divulge to a minimum. There area certain key pieces of information that you should never give out to anyone you meet online until you've met them in person and feel like you can trust them. This would be anything that they could use to steal your identity such as your full name, address, birthday, etc. Be vague with the information you provide and never give out credit card details. Anyone asking for specific information about you are likely scammers and should be avoided.

Another red flag is if they're hinting at their own financial issues and being pushy to get personal information about you. If someone messaging you is doing this they stay clear as these are classic signs of a scammer. It's also wise to stick to people who live in your city or very close by. While you may receive messages from women all over the country and world, they may just be trying to get you to send them money to fly them out. Stay local to remove risk of scams and for ease of hooking up.

It's always wise to spend a few extra moments double checking over their profile to verify it's realness. Are there a lot of inconsistencies or spelling errors? These are signs that they are bots. Does their profile picture look overly photoshopped or professional (like a model)? These are signs that they are scammers or escorts. Taking the extra time to be sure their profile looks like it was created by a real person is an easy way to keep yourself safe.

If you have any doubts about whether someone you're talking to is real or not then chances are they aren't. It's best to follow your instincts then take the risk. However, if you know their full name or email address you can try to look them up on other social network sites to find out if they're real or not. This way you can know for sure. Lookup their name to see if you can find profiles in other networks with people in the same area that have similar looking profile pictures. Another way to make sure is to ask them to video chat. There is no faking it over video. If they don't have access to a camera to video chat, have them text you a picture or something to make sure they are who they say they are.

When you're ready to meet for the first time, it is generally the best to do so at a cheap hotel first if you just want to hookup. Meeting somewhere in person keeps you much safer as you aren't letting a stranger into your home and you aren't walking into a strangers home. Hotels generally have cameras which add additional security as well. Another option is to meet at a bar for a drink first. Make sure they're real and who they say they are without having to spend money on a hotel. Buy a drink, loosen up and then if everything seems good, you can invite them to your place or go to theirs. Either way, it is generally smart to tell a friend what you're doing just as a safety blanket.

As a general rule of thumb, if you ever feel like something is wrong, then call it off. There are going to be awkward vibes to begin with because you're meeting up with a stranger to have sex and that's not going to feel normal right from the start. If it feels wrong then make up an excuse to leave. Always have an option to get out and always drive your own vehicle if you're going somewhere.

This post isn't intended to scare you away from hookup dating. It's just meant to keep you safe while using them. Online hookup dating is a verified method for finding people to have sex. Don't be afraid, be cautious and safe. Follow these tips and you'll be rolling in the sheets with countless women that you meet online.

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