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Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

Pick up lines are very hit or miss and can be very hard to think of. We've all heard guys use them before; some good, most bad, and occasionally you hear one that is surprisingly clever. The major problem is that different types of girls will respond to different types of pick up lines. Read through my tips on how to find the perfect pick up lines. They are hard to master, but if you say the right thing to the right girl, that line can you laid tonight.

Outgoing girls

These outgoing and bubbly girls are generally simpler. They may not have all that much going on upstairs, but they love to have fun and a good time. She may be the easiest type of girl to use a pick up line on because it doesn't have too be too clever or thought out. Make her laugh and have confidence and chances are that you can win her over. A line that will make her go "aww" and make you sounds sweet is even better.

Mysterious girls

These girls are typically much smarter and not as outgoing. They are likely the type that will sit back and take in their surroundings. They will be much harder to use a pick up line on because they may be sarcastic or automatically think the worst out of a guy approaching them. A pick up line for this type of girl can't be silly or stupid. It needs to be original and something that she'll need to think of an answer for. Play to her more serious and smart side with something quizzical or educated and your chances of breaking down her wall will skyrocket.

Big girls

We all like bigger girls sometimes. If you are looking to pick up a plus-sized girl then your best bet is to complement her beauty. Let's face it, your chances are higher with a fat girl to begin with. They aren't used to hearing pick up lines from guys so she may be more cynical and question your motives, but if you can sincerely make her feel beautiful, then you can practically guarantee that you will get laid tonight.

High and mighty girls

These are the girls that walk around feeling like they can get any guy they want. They walk around like the own the place and aren't going to fall for just any line. She's going to be comparing you to every other guy in the room so you're going to have to say something to make her want to give her attention to you and only you. To do this you want to make her feel extra special. Give in to her preconceived thoughts that she's the most beautiful girl in the room and explain why.

The girl next door

These girls you are going to have to try the hardest for. A pick up line for these girls needs to be very well thought out, smart, and not cheesy. It needs to be original because if she feels that it is something you say often then she will get very turned off. Keep it simple though, and don't come off as overly confident or cocky, be a sincere guy.

The key to using pick up lines is knowing what type of line will work on each girl. You may think you have the perfect line to use every time, but every girl will receive it differently and no one line will always work. Matchup your line with the type of girl you approach to guarantee the best delivery.

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