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7 Tips to Avoid Getting Caught Cheating By Her

Getting caught by your wife or girlfriend can mean World War III. It's a serious decision to cheat so it needs to be taken seriously. If you're going to do it, do it right. Here are the tips to avoid getting caught!

Make up the lie

Lying is the biggest part of cheating. You need to avoid seeming suspicious or weird when you lie to your wife. The best way to do this is to come up with something very believable so that you can say it with little hesitation. If you tell her something she wouldn't expect then she's going to start becoming suspicious of you. Think it out before you tell her.

Make sure the surprise visit, is not a surprise

One of the sexiest parts of a new relationship, especially an affair or hookup, is surprises. Sometimes your girl may want to pay you a surprise visit. This sounds nice, but can easily be a disaster if you're with your wife or family. Your new girl needs to know boundaries and to not come by if you are with other people.

Contacting via social media

Everyone loves connecting over social media these days, but it is important to keep your personal life separated from your affair life. Adding your sexy new friend will appear in the feed of your friends and family members so it's best to avoid doing it. You could setup filters to block out activity for different people, but it still has risks. It's best to avoid adding your hookup altogether.

Consider your routine

Everyone has a daily routine of sorts from going to work to working out on specific days, etc. Your loved ones will likely know your routine so it's important to not stray from it too drastically or too often. This ties in with your lie. If your lie is going to the gym more then you need to make sure you actually have a membership and go from time to time.

Creating alibis

Along with considering your routine comes creating alibis to verify your lies and change in routine. It is important to have a trustworthy alibi or else you could just be making it more likely to get yourself caught.

Physical trace

When you're close to someone you recognize their typical smell (such as perfume or cologne) and when they smell different it makes it that much more noticeable. If you hookup with another woman who is wearing a unique perfume then your wife will notice. Make sure to tell your hookup not to wear her perfume or else you need to shower and cleanup afterwards to get rid of the smell.

Don't admit it

This one is simple. Don't admit to your cheating. Girls generally have a difficult time trusting people and once that trust is broken it will be hard to put the broken trust and relationship back together. If she learns of your cheating either by finding out or by you telling her, there will be no going back. Even if you feel guilty or feel like she's learning of your secret, don't do it.

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