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Best Tips to Have Affairs and Discreet Sex

Those of you in relationships know that from time to time, your relationship needs a little extra spice that your spouse just can't provide. You miss your single days of meeting people at bars and having random no-strings attached hookups. Not to mention the thrill of the hunt. While taking someone home is no longer an option, having some extracurricular fun is not out of the question as long as you keep our tips in mind.

Be discreet

When you find a hookup buddy, don't give them too much information about yourself. Especially do not let them know if you are married and do not let them know where you live unless you want your life to fall to ruin.

Be safe

Always use protection during your secret sex hookups. Protection makes sure that you don't bring home any surprises to your spouse such as STDs. And you certainly don't want your hookup to get pregnant. There's no hiding that.

Keep your own secret

Don't tell your friends, coworkers or anyone else about your affair. Even if you think you can trust them, word will always inevitably get back to your spouse if you let anyone know your secret.

Don't keep the evidence

Don't leave any clues around for your spouse to find. Keep your phone locked, delete your naughty text messages and pictures in case your spouse ever needs to borrow or use your phone. While the idea of being able to pull up a sexy picture of your playmate may be arousing, the risk of it being found is just to great.

Be clean

There's no hiding that post sex smell or the foreign perfume that's stuck to you after your fling. Always have a change of clothes with you in case things get too heated and you end up with lipstick on your collar or anything gets ripped while being torn off. If you hookup in a car, make sure that you both take everything that belongs to you so nothing is left to be found by a spouse later. Going to the gym to shower is a great idea to get clean after and a great alibi as well.

Set rules

While it may take some of the sexiness out of the hookup, it's important to set some ground rules to remain discreet. What's worse? Killing the mood for a few seconds or getting divorced? Tell them no scratching, biting, hickeys or anything that my leave a mark on you. Tell women not to wear lipstick and to try to avoid wearing perfume. No texts or calls during certain hours when you're busy with your family. Trust me, these rules can make or break the success of your affairs.

Stay remote

Never take your hookup home. Pay for a motel, hotel, airBnB, or do it in your car, but never take them to your family's home.

Be smart

I'm going to summarize by telling you to just be smart. Use common sense. If you want to have your side action, then do whatever it takes to be successful with it and hide it from your spouse. Follow my tips and you should have no problem.

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