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How To Seduce A Married Woman

Most men think that once a woman gets married she becomes off limits, but that's not the truth. The real truth is that 30% of all married women go outside of their relationship for sex and that a statistic only factoring the women willing to admit it. Everyone becomes unhappy in their relationship from time to time from feeling ignored, neglected or under appreciated. This leads them to seek attention elsewhere for some recognition that she is still attractive and desired. A little bit of kindness from a stranger can start a stream of thoughts and desires in her head and make her want to get more and more. Seducing a married woman may not be as difficult as you think.

Married women often feel like they become invisible the second they put on their wedding ring. They stop getting offered free drinks at bars and when men find out that they're married during conversation, they get scared away. Combine that with a relationship in which they don't get attention or feel loved and a situation is created. A situation for guys to hookup these married women. A situation for guys to get hot, no strings attached sex with out any of the baggage.

Think you're ready to seduce a married woman? Try these simple steps:

Talk to her

Many married women feel invisible when they're out with their single girl friends at bars and other social places. Simply talking to a married women when you're out is like kicking the doors down. She's out and doesn't have to deal with kids running around, cooking or dealing with her husband and needs someone to talk to about anything else to distract her.

Compliment her

After years of marriage, women will go without being complimented for making her feel desired for long stretches of time. And with her day to day routine and stressful life, she may start to feel unattractive or undesirable themselves. By showing her a little bit of interest, you are giving her something she doesn't normally get and desperately needs. Making her feel desirable will start the thoughts of having an affair with you.

Distract her

She talks about her kids, her to do list and work all day long. Talk to her about something different. Get her mind off her home life. Ask her about her younger, crazier days and remind her about how fun life can be and show her how to have that kind of fun again.

Do things for her

Find out what she likes and what she is missing and give it to her. Buy her flowers, buy her a gift or take her to an event that you think she would enjoy like a concert of a band she loved when she was younger. You don't have to spend a lot of money because it may scare her, but showing her you care and being thoughtful will spark even more interest in you.

Touch her

Married women get plenty of hugs and touches from her family and friends, but the right touch from someone new in her life can light a flame in her and make her heart flutter. Touching her erogenous zones are the best way to get her thinking about you in a whole new light.

Prove to her she's not happy

Many married women aren't happy, they are simply content. They're stuck in their mundane routines and think they are happy with it. But if you can give her something different and prove that she is still alive then she can start to realize that she is unhappy. Showing her that life can still be fun and exciting will make her want to be the same. Prove to her that life can be so much more than it is for her.

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