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What Girls On Adult Dating Networks Really Want

Have you ever seen a cute girl on an adult dating network and wondered, "What the heck is she doing here?"

There's a ton of reasons more and more girls are choosing to find sexual partners online, instead of standing around at the club with their girlfriends. Online dating is discreet, mysterious, and tons of fun - and as it becomes more socially acceptable, girls are realizing that it's easy to find exactly what they want... without the awkward dates or loud night clubs.

For the horny, nymphomaniac chick, hookup dating sites are a goldmine of fun times. The high male-to-female ratio means she can choose any guy she likes. She'll only chat with a guy who can provide the exact brand of no-strings-attached fun she's looking for. So, how can you make sure she chooses you to get wet and get off?

Simple. Give her what she REALLY wants

She wants to be intrigued

With so many chicks reading steamy novels like 50 Shades of Grey, it's no secret that they're looking for more than your everyday in-and-out. After your first few messages, start to build up her excitement with escalating steamy messages.

Some girls don't enjoy sexting, and prefer less talk, more action. Gauge by her responses - she might be ready to meet up, or she might need to be convinced with some textual teasing. If you need some ideas, check out any of the popular romance novels and add your own creative spin.

She wants to experiment

A surprising amount of girls on casual sex sites are not very experienced. They're not usually virgins, but they may feel insecure in their lack of sexual expertise. They may even have kinks that they want to try, but are too afraid to experiment with a serious boyfriend. That's where you come in. When you notice she's interested in you, ask her what she really wants. Be her canvas for totally taboo sexual exploration.

She doesn't want to be impressed

On regular dating sites, you need to make jokes and forge a heart-to-heart connection. Not so when you're in the land of casual hookups. The best thing you can be? Normal. Upload a few regular, clothed pictures and write a profile bio that describes yourself and your intentions, but doesn't summarize your entire life story. Just be normal.

Even if you really do have incredible six-pack abs and an 11-inch boner, avoid bragging. This is the fastest way to come off as "trying too hard." Just be you. Authenticity allows her to see you as an easygoing friend.

She wants to feel safe

Admittedly, any girl who uses these sites has a taste for risk and adventure. Even so, she's going to avoid anyone who makes her feel unsafe. Give her the option of meeting at your place or hers, and ask her if she'll need a ride home. All you really need to do is appear normal, real, and non-creepy. That's all she's really looking for.

She wants to see some effort

Never, ever message random girls just to say, "hey." Put a little effort into your first message, but not too much. Just a sentence or two mentioning something from her profile will suffice. Asking a question will prompt her to answer you.

She wants to feel desired

While all girls are fully capable of wanting sex just for sex, the feeling of being wanted and desired is a very real perk to casual sex. If she's showing her boobs in her profile picture, it's because she wants you to mention them. If she's wearing clothes in her photos, avoid over-complimenting her on her features until she actually gets her clothes off.

Compliments aren't the only way to make her feel desired. Talk about what she makes you want to do, and how your body reacts to her.

She doesn't want to work outside of work

One of the most common types of dating site girls is the career chick. She works long hours, is dedicated to her job, and doesn't have time to dress up and go to the bar just to maybe find a non-creepy guy. She wants to blow off steam (and you.) Don't make it difficult. Make it very easy to meet up, and don't waste her time with too much flirting or beating around the bush. Get in and get out. She has to wake up early tomorrow.

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