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What to do When You Find a Coworker on a Hookup Site

So you're scrolling through a hookup dating site, browsing through all the hot local women, when you suddenly recognize someone. You click on her link and start browsing her profile when it suddenly hits you. Not only do you know her, but she's a coworker. It's decision time. She's hot and you would definitely be interested, but you're worried about mixing sex with the workplace. You may want to stop and give it some thought, but then again, she is really hot. So what do you do?

Before acting, you may want to test the waters. To do this, try talking to her one on one and trowing in a sexual innuendo or two. Make sure it is an appropriate time to do so and then gauge her response. If she laughs or gives you a sexy look, chances are that you're in. If it goes well, consider asking her out for a drink. If it doesn't it may be best to ignore that you saw the profile all together.

If you choose to ignore it, then you must do just that. You may never bring it up to her that you "saw her on a hookup dating site," and you must esspecially not do so at work. It may be hard to forget about her profile, especially if she is very hot, but it may be the best thing to do to avoid an awkward work environment. Telling her you saw her is also admitting that you're on the site as well. Even if she may have already seen you, if she hasn't brought it up herself, she probably wants to keep it her own little secret.

If you think she may be into you there are different ways you can approciate things:

Sending her an email is the most casual way of approaching things. Make sure it's funny and casual and not creepy. The worst thing she can do is ignore your message or turn you down, but if you message her this way, then you can always play it off as a joke. Be careful though because if you come off as a jerk or creep then it could make things very awkward at the office and with having an actual message, she has something she can show others. Most importantly, do NOT email her through your office email.

You could also ask her in person if you cross her path at work and are alone. Keyword being alone, do not do so in front of other people. Propose a fun evening and/or invite her out to drinks. Happy hour is always an acceptable thing for coworkers to participate in and always fun. Once you two have had a few drinks, casually bring up that you saw her on the hookup dating site. See how she takes it. Chances are that you'll know if she's interested the second you finish the question. Play your cards right and you'll get laid tonight.

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